◆Facial Recognition


◆Temperature Detection


◆Fever Warning


◆Mask Detection (No mask no entry)

◆API to integrate with 3rd party   applications.

◆LAN, USB interface to connect PC/laptop, preferences can be customized.


◆Support data output and Management: complete face

capture,recognition,temperature records in real time.


◆More Secure:Non‐contact temperature detection to

prevent the spread of the virus by touching surfaces.


◆High Precision: temperature detection distance of 0.5‐1M,0.75M is

best, temperature accuracy ±0.3°C


◆Efficient: face recognition distance: 0.5‐1.5M

Recognition Speed/Accuracy: 200ms, 99.5%


◆Facial recognition database of 30,000 users and can be exported in CSV, PDF, Excel File formats daily, weekly reports etc.


◆Aerospace‐grade aluminum and 7 inch ISP LCD screen 1024*600


◆Easily integrates with turnstile and other electronic door controllers for access.

◆Ideal for:Schools, Businesses, Super Markets, Bus Stations etc.